Case Studies and Clients

Oculatek, Inc. - Cleveland Ohio – Oculatek offers a therapeutic laser system for treating presbyopia. The technology is non-invasive, easy to use and has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the progression of myopia in children and is also being investigated to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. The unit is not yet FDA cleared. LTS helped Oculatek assess the viability of the technology, understand how it functioned, uncover the mechanism of action, develop a clinical and technical report along with materials used for attracting potential investment. Oculatek continues to work with LTS as they develop their technology and seek investment funding.

Therapeutic Laser Applications (TLA) – Miami Florida – TLA Lasers offer a multi-wavelength laser developed and patented by Dr. Mark Chariff. LTS helped TLA with identifying suppliers for prototype development, and for production volume systems. LTS assisted with specification and RFQ development and helped identify additional sub suppliers as well as providing support and identification for potential investors. When technical hurdles became evident, LTS assisted TLA in identifying the right people to solve technical issues to get the product into the proper specifications.

Light 4 Wounds – Akron, Ohio – Light 4 Wound developed a unique veterinary laser for the treatment of horses and small animals. LTS helped identify manufacturers for the device along with specification development in addition to assisting with developing documentation for their web site.

Acoustic Vision – Texarkana, Texas - Acoustic Visions’ Transparent Lens Microphone is an auditory system designed to work with conventional hearing aids and provide benefits, which are not available in conventional hearing aids. LTS helped Acoustic Vision navigate through the technology challenges, develop requirement specifications, provided technical explanations to potential investors and participated in meetings with their scientists and partners to explain the types of electronics necessary to interface with their patented lens.

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