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Light, LASER, Optics, and the microelectronics that control them; with the trend towards using light to heal the human body whether it be surgically or therapeutically these areas are important to all our futures. The interaction of human light within the body is complex as is the design and manufacturing of these devices. From my first interaction with lasers used in ophthalmology over thirty years ago to non-invasive lasers used today that help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and heal wounds I have always been fascinated about how to harness the full potential of light to help heal people.
Over the past decade I have helped numerous clients realize their product designs, taught Doctors, clinicians and technicians how lasers work and interact with the body, helped Companies find “best in class” design and manufacturing firms to produce prototypes and productions systems of their innovative systems.
Today I am pleased to represent AEMtec/Exceet in North America, a world class Company specializing in opto-electronics and microelectronics and a division of Exceet Group, a Global Company specializing design, development and manufacturing of complex electronic devices in the field of Medicine, Industrial and Automation, Security, and Automotive.
I encourage you to review the suite of services offered by Laser Therapy Services and contact us for a no obligation review of your requirements.
Jim Ohneck

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